Premature Hydraulic Failures: Causes, Analysis and Prevention

Premature Hydraulic Failures: Causes, Analysis and Prevention

Hydraulic components are expensive, and it can be incredibly inefficient to replace them more than you have to. According to industry sources, up to 90% of premature failures can be avoided.

Premature failure may simply be defined as the failure of a component before it reaches its expected service life and the service life of individual components varies and is influenced by several factors.

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Mining safety basics to save lives

Mining Safety Basics to Save Lives

Although mining in Australia has been going through lean times, an industrialised world will always have a demand for mining and the long-term outlook remains positive. But productivity rises cannot be at the expense of safety, and safety awareness must run in tandem with new techniques and equipment.

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How to improve the service life of loaders

Guide: Improve the Service Life of Your Loaders

A loader is one of the most useful and versatile tools for underground mining projects, however, they require particular care to prevent downtime and ensure reliable service. Like any active underground mining equipment, preventative checks on loaders can save thousands in repairs and maintenance or rebuilds.

Heavy machinery, especially industrial or mining equipment like loaders require consistent maintenance to keep it in working order. Poorly or infrequently maintained large machinery leads to costly breakdown and safety concerns for operators.

Here is a short guide with hints and tips on keeping your loader in top shape.

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10 australian mining conferences to attend in 2017

10 Essential Australian Mining Conferences to Attend in 2017

Stay up-to-date with the latest significant developments in practice and research, promote and impart knowledge, network, share achievements, and build a better industry.

Australia is a major developer of mining services, equipment, and technology. Mining has had a substantial environmental impact in some areas of Australia.

Mining conferences are a fantastic way to stay up-to-date with the most recent industry developments in practice and study, advance knowledge, network, celebrate achievements, and improve the industry.

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costs of unreliability in the mining industry

The Costs Of Unreliability In The Mining Industry

No matter the industry or size, every business has standard costs that must be considered for the company to run smoothly and cost effectively. One of the most detrimental costs businesses face is unreliability. In the mining industry, unreliability directly affects production and can cost businesses hundreds of thousands each year.

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Rebuilding vs Replacing Mining Machinery

Rebuilding vs Replacing Mining Machinery

There have been a number of changes in the mining industry in Australia within the past decade, but there is one thing that has remained constant: mining would not exist without functional mining machinery. Availability might change, demand may decrease, but machinery is essential regardless of industry fluctuations.

Since it is such a vital asset to mining, it is important to make sure your heavy machinery is well taken care of. If you are stuck questioning whether to rebuild or replace mining machinery, there are a few things to consider carefully.

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machinery maintenance in the mining industry

A Guide To Machinery Maintenance In The Mining Industry

The mining industry will favour repair over machinery / equipment purchases in the next few years.

With nickel prices dropping to $6.59 AUD/lb from over $9 AUD/lb, & Gold prices have also dropped from $1,624 AUD/ozt to 1,611.29 AUD/oz, there are reports suggesting that the mining boom is over.

nickel pricesA Guide To Machinery Maintenance In The Mining Industry

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